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Biophoton Therapies


 The Physics of Light and Information: What We Do at the Biophoton Therapy Center

#1. Biophoton Coherency Therapy (BCT); (Chiren / Starlight)

The cells of your body absorb and emit a faint light (biophotons) that is detectable by sensitive instruments. This light is the carrier of vital information which controls all cellular function; biophotons flow and collect  into “rivers” otherwise known as Acupuncture Meridians and are carried to all cells.   Healthy body parts emit and receive coherent light. Dis-eased areas are associated with chaotic light, which is a poor carrier of information, causing distortioned messages, which in turn result in physical problems.  By filtering and removing the incoherent light, we remove the source of the disturbance, freeing your body to repair what it could not repair before.

In a (BCT) session with the instrument, we find and remove all incoherencies we detect during the session, leading to cumulative, lasting improvement of symptoms and their causes. BCT sessions cost $160, and are scheduled every 7 - 14 days for best results.  (Children under 12:   $95). Typically, 8 to 12 sessions are needed for complete resolution, but changes are noticed immediately.


#2.   Meridian Stress Analysis (MSA) ; ( Qest4)

Whether you are in physical contact with the instrument, or have sent us your saliva/hair/blood/nail sample (S/H/B/N) to be used in absentia, the Qest4 takes thousands of energetic measurements of your Body Field in a very short time and lists everything that is out of balance. This scan represents your “bio-energetic snapshot in time”.  

The instrument then finds frequencies in its database that will bring each of those values back into balance. The combination of corrective frequencies makes up your customized remedy and is digitally imprinted into a bottle of 25% alcohol/water solution. 

At each session we do 3 scans and imprint 3 remedy bottles – each one is for a different aspect of the Body Field.  The scans tell us how many drops of each remedy you will take, and the duration.

The cost for MSA is $160 per session and includes the 3 remedy bottles to be taken for the next 3 to 6 weeks. Scans are spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart.  

MSA is slower-acting but very thorough, and is particularly suitable for out-of-town clients since S/H/B/N samples and remedy bottles can easily be sent by mail. 8 to 10 scan cycles are needed for complete results.



If you would like to send a sample for analysis, please put in an unused sandwich baggie:

  • 10 - 20 hairs from your head

  • 2 or 3 nail clippings

  • small amount of saliva on a small piece of tissue paper

  • a tiny drop of blood on a small piece of tissue paper

  • a 2X3 piece of paper in the baggy with your name, address and birthdate

 Mail the baggie to:  Margaret Wilson P.O. Box 859 Wayzata, MN 55391-0859     



#3.  NES Health Technology - Rebuilding the Human Body Field

Where the Human Body Field (HBF) is so damaged that its self-healing ability does not seem to respond to other helpful interventions (including the first 2 modalities), it is advisable to rebuild it from the ground up with the NES Health system. This is a long term therapy (8 -12 months) with striking cumulative results.

The significance of the Human Body Field has been recognized by alternative healers for a long time; it is often referred to as the “Innate Intelligence that made the body; that knows how to heal the body”.  Australian Master Acupuncturist Peter Fraser took this understanding much further by mathematically quantifying, mapping and describing in detail the specific functions of the quantum electrodynamic structures that make up the Human Body Field  (HBF).  (See Peter’s books, Decoding the Human Body Field , and Energy and Information in Nature .)

Eventually Peter devised a way to supply the information needed for repairing each energetic structure.  He created magnetically imprinted remedies using a new, proprietary process. These remedies are called Infoceuticals, because their healing characteristics are due to the information that they carry.

A computerized scanning system identifies your impaired energetic structures, and recommends 3 - 6 Infoceuticals that are highest priority for you at that time.  

When this modality is needed, the improvement of the body’s ability to heal will be very dramatic with impressive results, where nothing else seemed to help before.  

Scan, phone consultation, and 4 infoceuticals…………..$185

 Scan, phone consultation, and 6 infoceuticals…………..$225

                                               (There is a $30 discount for children under 12.)


If you would like to explore which of these modalities will be most effective for you, please contact:


Margaret Wilson, B.Sc.

Certified Biontologist

(612) 840-4800


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